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Today is the first day for the year 2011. Thus, it would be fitting to start the year with positive outlook in life and start putting into reality those New Year resolutions we’ve come up for this year. I, also, have created a number of resolutions which I ought to fulfill this year. And one of those resolutions is to revive this blog of mine by actively updating this site with fresh and interesting posts the whole year round (I hope so).
The previous year, 2010, became a significant year for me for some major reasons. For me, it was a year of great success since it marks the end of my student life (well at least on the academe) and finally earned my college degree – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Ateneo de Davao University. Apart from graduating, I also manage to receive a bonus gift, a Cum Laude title.
Though graduation marks the end of my student life, it also signifies a new and bigger world which I have to face – the workforce. Initially, while waiting for confirmations on companies I’ve applied to, I tried to become a virtual employee through online jobs. There, I had a glimpse of the employment world and eventually realized that I have to earn enough skills and knowledge to be able to succeed in my chosen field. Since then, I’ve learned new things, gained friends, and of course some DOLLARS. J
Before the end of the year too, in August, I finally got my first (physical) job where I’m currently working.  I admit that it was difficult at first (well because of major adjustments I have to do – the place, the working environment, the time schedule, etc.) but I’m surviving and currently happy with what I’m doing. For me, it was a blessing and a rare opportunity which requires enough attention that’s why I have to temporarily leave my online job and also my online presence, including my blogging chores.
Not to spoil all the details, the year 2010 really became a great year for me in general. Though problems are inevitable along the way, I’ve survived them all and hoping to survive more this year. I’m looking forward for more experiences, learning, challenges, and opportunities – to help me become a strong and mature individual in the future. Happy New Year to all! J

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  1. Jeypriey January 1, 2011 at 3:22 PM #

    This is just a test comment. :)

  2. مهدی January 1, 2011 at 5:34 PM #

    It would be gr8 !!! Happy new year and tnx for ur decide (revive the blog) :)

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