New design of Friendster to answer Facebook’s popularity

I‘m a bit suprised by the new, greenish design of the Friendster website. There are many changes aside from the logo, new features like games, easy photo uploading, the gift shop and many more will take effect soon. Friendster is the first Social Networking site to capture the Asian market, even the United States. The total make over of Friendster could be the effect to Facebook’s popularity. It could be one of the reasons why the makers of Friendster made these changes.

Some of the Games in Friendster includes The Farmer, Marios’ Adventure and Naughty Classroom. No doubt, The Farmer is patterned to Facebook’s Farmtown or Farmville. This new feature can be found under the “Fun” menu of the Navbar. There are about 200 new games to play based on the most popular one.

Another feature is the “Friendster Wallet“. It enables you to store money on Friendster in a currency called “Friendster Coins.” It can be spent throughout Friendster’s site for gifts and upcoming goods and services. Friendster Wallet supports prepaid “Top-up” cards, which can be purchased at 7-Eleven stores. You can also purchase prepaid cards at thousands of offline locations throughout Asia with cash, and then enter the unique code from the card into the Friendster Wallet to receive the money into your account. Then users can make purchases on for gifts, games, goods and services.

Now you can send gifts to friends quickly and conveniently. The new Friendster Gift Shop helps you show your friends that you care – and show off the special gifts you receive in return.

More features of the New Friendster :
• A Fun and Simple Site – a site that makes it more fun to connect and communicate with friends
• Easier Uploading and Sharing – faster photo uploading, easier ways to find both current and new friends and their stuff
• Enhanced Self Expression and Customization –ways to express yourself and personalize your Friendster profile and site experience
• Entertaining Content – ways to entertain you and your friends- like gifts, games and music

If you want to see the changes yourself, visit the Friendster website now. Well, given such improvement in Friendster, I would still prefer Facebook. :p

Additional Info: Just in time for the launch of the new Friendster design, here comes a report by Reuters stating that Friendster is about to be sold to an Asian firm. The price – $100 million.

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