Wirelessly Transfer your Photos from your Camera

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Memories are always considered to be of greater importance for us humans; that is why we often want to capture as much as possible each of these precious moments using some modern gadgets such as video and digital cameras. We usually use digital cameras to take pictures and later on share those photos with our family, relatives and friends in different social networking sites such as Facebook and Multiply. This scenario has been my default setting ever since when it comes to sharing and updating others. But despite this seemingly perfect state, there are still times that I fail to do so because of some transferring problems of photos from my digicam to my PC.

One time when I attended a school event for our first year students, it can’t be helped but to take pictures of my newly-met friends. During the entire event, I was with them taking pictures; savoring every moment I can have with them. My camera’s battery at that time was almost exhausted and my memory card almost full. Before the event ended, I promised them to upload the pictures on Facebook but up until now I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet because my USB cable/connector was damaged. At present, those pictures taken months ago are still in my memory card and I can help myself but be disappointed because I failed my promise. This has always been my way (using a USB connector) of getting my photos. Without such connector, I have no other means to get those precious pictures out of my camera.

I know a lot of people have also experienced the same dilemma as that of mine but luckily there is one solution out there in the market that can solve the problem. The product is called Eye-Fi card.

Eye-Fi is the easiest way to get your photos or videos from your camera out of your camera. It is a wireless SD memory card with up to 4 GB of memory plus BUILT-IN Wi-Fi. This is very ideal if you have a SDHC capable camera and a wireless router. You can now effortless share or transfer your freshly captured photos and videos from your camera to your computer and favorite web sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook. You can even directly share those videos and photos directly to your web sharing sites without using a PC. Aside from that, Eye-Fi also organizes your files automatically (by date) saving you more time to browse or scan them all. Eye-Fi could literally change the way we upload and store our photos from our cameras.

If you want to learn more about how Eye-Fi works, please to watch this short clip:

Given such alternative, people are can now easily share transfer and share their files online. As for me, it can really help me in terms of shifting from my old way of uploading to a new and easier one.

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