Run Mac OS widgets on Windows and Linux

Fan on Mac OS X’s Dashboard and widget? Then you might want to consider downloading this opensouce, widget engine from googlecode called Kludgets. This is a very good tool especially if you are trying to mimic the interface of Mac. :)


The Kludget Engine steals the best features from all the widget engines.

1. Webkit based – just like Dashboard, the Yahoo Widget Engine uses webkit too
2. HTML 5
* database
* local storage
* canvas
3. SVG – supports SVG rendering and animation
4. Internet Plugins – loads Mozilla plugins like Flash
5. Flexible widget preferences
* can display widget “back side” like Dashboard
* can also display a preference window similar to Yahoo Widget Engine
6. Layers
* pre-render widget background and foreground for speed
7. Heads-Up Display
* shows all widgets at a press of a defined hotkey (F11)

1. Windows
2. Linux

Some screenshots:

You can download the intaller here: Kludgets via Googlecode

Find widgets at Apple Dashboard Widgets

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