Change your Windows 7 Login Screen

Are you bored with your Windows 7 login screen? Do you want to change it to a fully customizable/personalized one? Then you are reading the right post. There is a free tool created by ~bcubing (of deviantART) that can make your request possible. It is called “Windows 7 Logon screen editor”.

To use the application, just launch it and click “Set background” button and choose your desired picture for your new Windows 7 login screen. If you want to restore your default login screen background, just click “Default background” button. Auto resizing of image/picture are done in case the image is too large or too small.

There are a lot of login screen tools out in the internet but I think this is the most simple and easy to use among them all. Try it now. Credits all go to the creator of the application. :)

You can download the tool here: Download Now!

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