A 60Mbps Internet Connection Speed for Home Users

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As an IT student and a future IT professional, the presence of the web or the internet is pretty much important in my field. Part of my IT life is always surfing the web for researches, gathering of technology-related news & updates, telecommuting, social networking, video-streaming, and application downloading. Much of these tasks really require fast and powerful internet connection speed for me to be able to carry out them all. But with an internet speed of up to 60Mbps (the first of its kind), I can do them all simultaneously and even perform additional tasks without experiencing any slow down at all.

A 60Mbps internet connection speed might at first seem to be unfeasible for ordinary home users but because of the new phatband technology, this seemingly impossible speed can now be achieved. People can avail of such amazing service by subscribing to charter ultra fast 60 service. It’s an ultra powerful and ultra fast internet connection currently available in St. Louis and South Carolina and still expanding northeast. Unlike the common connection type which is DSL, it uses the cable internet technology to deliver faster speed.

Just imagining myself having a 60Mbps internet connection speed indeed makes me feel limitless. I can basically do everything I want in the internet such as browsing, video-audio streaming, online-gaming, downloading and many more. Downloading a 700 MB movie file might only take 12-15 minutes against the almost 2 hours downloading from a 1Mbps connection speed. With such high speed, internet will definitely become a completely different experience where one can multitask in ways no one has ever been able to do previously.

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