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As bloggers, we always make sure that we maintain our blogs or websites by posting new stories/articles but at the same time, we also make it sure that our previous/past posts won’t be neglected too by readers. One way of addressing this concern is by associating these past posts to newer posts. And there is just this one best widget that I’ve come across that solves the problem. The website is called LinkWithin.

It provides a very helpful widget which shows related stories or articles under each post. It generates a thumbnail for each suggested post, making it more appealing for visitors/readers to check out. Moreover, the widget is minimally styled and highly customizable to blend to your site’s style/design. Above all, the best thing about this widget is that it is is CHARGE-FREE and AD-FREE. It only takes a minute (or even seconds) to get the widget up and running on your blog/website. NO SIGNUP is required to use it!

To install it in your website or blog, just fill up the form found it the homepage of the LinkWithin website. Enter your email, bloglink (the url of your website/blog. ex:, platform (ex: Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, etc.), and the width (how many stories will the widget show). After filling up the form, click the “Get Widget” button.

After doing so, a new page will appear, giving your specific instructions on what to do to finally attach the widget to your site. It includes a step-by-step process so just follow it.

As a conclusion, I definitely love this widget! It’s a MUST-HAVE widget for all bloggers and website administrators out there. Check out the widget in action just below this post. :)

For more information, just go the LinkWithin’s website @ Happy blogging!

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