Back to blogging once again

Greetings everyone! It’s been months already since the time I’ve posted my last article here in my blog. The past few months were really filled with many cramming moments and sleepless nights because of some major projects that have to be passed. The past two semesters were fully-loaded and demanding semesters for me that’s why I wasn’t able to spare a little of my time maintaining the site. I’m deeply sorry for such inconvenience but the good news is: I’m finally back!

I really missed blogging so much because aside from the knowledge and fascination I get from visiting other blogs, it’s also my way of raising a little money for my own personal expenses and leisure. Blogging also gave me a chance to gain new friends and stay connected with people. My love for blogging still remains that’s why I decided to get back in action.

Now that I’m back, expect improvements to happen. One of it (which you might be aware already as you browse the homepage) is the new layout of the site which. I made it more simpler, lighter to load (lesser widgets and images), and more organized. Aside from that, I’ll update the site (as often as I could) with more interesting and helpful things. More changes are coming so stay connected by following me on either Twitter, Facebook, FeedBurner, or Google Connect. Just click the links found on my homepage.

It feels good to be back in the blogosphere! :)

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