Watch Clearer Videos in Youtube by using this Simple and Easy Trick!

Have you ever experienced watching a blurry or low-quality video your favorite vids or anime series in Youtube? Well, this kind of situation is very common to all especially for ordinary viewers like me (or maybe you too). Generally, blurry or low-quality vids exist in Youtube because of some uploading size restrictions that can affect the quality of the video itself. Although there are some high-resolution videos existing, most of them are uploaded by premium members or those who pay Youtube to have an unlimited size for uploading. So, if you want to turn those low-quality videos into a more clear, high-resolution vids, then you’re reading the right post for it!

Question: Is this trick really works??
Answer: Well, see it for yourself. Here, I made an experiment to test whether this trick really works. I have here two videos, one is the original one (meaning, no tricks applied yet) and another video with the trick being applied. (Note: it’s just a screen shot taken from my laptop)

Original Video:

Tweaked Video:

See?? The second screenshot is far clearer than the first one! :D

Ultimate Question: So, how do you do this??

Very simple. Just go to Youtube and then search for your favorite video. Click/Select the video of your choice and then paste “&fmt=18” (without quatations) in the URL located in the top portion of your browser.


Simple. Isn’t it? Now you can watch you fave video in high-resolution. Happy Youtube! :)

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