My First T-shirt Layout Design using Photoshop CS3

For the past few months of self-study in photoshop, I really didn’t expect to make what I made right now. Although some of my friends and classmates always compliment me that I’m good at editing and designing, never did I intend to do a major project like this.

Our university do conduct it’s annual intramurals somewhere in the month of August. As a matter of tradition, the university conducts a parade participated by all students from different divisions. Each division has its own style of shirts which represents the division which they belong to. For years, I always idolize those designers of each division’s shirt because year after year, I seems that the concepts and designs are getting more complicated and attractive. Now, luckily or unluckily, I was chosen to be one of the designers of our own division shirt.

Creating the design has never been an easy task for me. Aside from I’m still a newbie in photoshop, I also don’t have any past experiences in creating designs especially with shirts. It was a big challenge for me since I have to reach those high expectations of my friends, classmates, and co-division members. To tell you honestly, I was really scared and doubtful at first if I will accept the task. I was pressured so I don’t have a choice but to pursue the offer. But despite of the pressure that I feel, what I did was to look at the brighter side of it and imagine how my output can greatly contribute to the division.

In the end, with the help of my co-designer and support from friends, I was able to make the design and won the votation! Aside from improving my skills in photoshop, I also learned a lot of lessons and values out from this activity. I learned how to believe in my self that I can do things which I think I cannot do. It also somehow boosted my self-confidence since I know that the design will be used by a lot of people and will be seen by a lot of people. This experience will definitely be a memorable one to me!

Shirt Design Components:


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    can u upload the psd????

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