Free Download: Experience 3D view of your own Desktop!

Wanna have some 3D effects in your desktop? Try this cool program that will help you convert your boring desktop into a attractive, 3d view of your own desktop. Tested in Windows Vista Ultimate, and windows XP home edition, but could work in all other windows versions. All thing is that it needs DirectX 9 or later versions to fully maximize the potential of this program.

Other Screenshots: (click for full view)

Program Features


  • Change the size of the icons
  • Rotate automatically into normal direction
  • Fade automatically file names in/out
  • Show or hide filenames
  • Drag & Drop

Running behaviour:

  • Multimonitoring Support
  • 3D Sound
  • No performance losses with resting condition of the symbols
  • Very less resources needed
  • Very efficient, thanks to the “Reality Engine”


  • Reflecting surface
  • Different wastebaskets
  • Different themes are selectable/changeable
  • Icons are reflecting the environment
  • Any desired wallpaper as a picture at the wall, which is shown with inactivity
  • Different background and icon styles
  • Own graphics are integrate able
  • Different light directions are selectable
  • Extended lighting attitude

Download it here! Happy Tweaking! :)

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