TWO days to go before Microsoft XP’s OFF!

Last May 13, I made a post regarding the retirement of one of the world’s most loved OS in the market – Microsoft XP. There, in that particular post, several questions were discussed regarding what’s gonna happen after Microsoft XP’s “OFF” status. (If you weren’t able to read that article of mine, click here.)

Well, today is June 28 and in just a matter of 2 days, Microsoft will officially STOP the production of Microsoft XP (though the company will still provide neccessary updated for its users). This is a sad news for me since many will going to miss XP like me. Although Microsoft recommends Vista as their top OS, I will definitely stick to XP. Vista is still “Buggy” and I still hear some complains from users. Another thing is that Vista has a lower number of compatible applications compared to XP. Many of these applications/softwares are still making there own transitions or upgrades to make it compatible to the new Microsoft OS.

As users, we cannot do anything but merely accept the fate of our favorite OS. Well, in the end, all we say say is “GOODBYE XP”!

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