TechNews: PC Gamers opt XP more than Vista

One of Windows Vista’s biggest selling points was that it was the only way you could get DirectX 10, the software component that would be required to play the very latest video games in their full glory. Sure, you could still play games in DirectX 9, but the differences with DirectX 10, Microsoft promised, would be striking. (Check out this video showing the same scene under both systems and you’ll see what Microsoft was talking about. You can find loads of similar comparisons online.)

Games like Crysis benefit clearly from the DX 10 upgrade, but that benefit hasn’t been enough to push gamers into upgrading to Vista. Historically, those are the very first computer users, living on the bleeding edge, to upgrade to new hardware and operating systems. The statistics from Valve, whose Steam system lets gamers download titles from the web and which collects system information in return, shows that Vista still has less than a 15 percent market share among these users (17.5 percent if you include 64-bit Vista).

That’s roughly in line with the total consumer market (14.57%), but it’s a real surprise considering the advantages Vista’s DirectX 10 offers gamers. There’s no way to run DirectX 10 on XP, so the only way to get the very best PC gaming experience is to run Vista. They should theoretically be lining up to buy Vista in droves.

As well, if any computers are powerful enough to run Vista, it’s gamers’ rigs. Stocked with the latest CPUs, tons of RAM, and the latest video cards, few gamers would encounter the upgrade headaches that have frustrated the rest of the market due to not having the power to handle it.

Of course, that hasn’t happened. The figures imply that gamers may simply feel the advantages of a modest graphics upgrade just don’t outweigh the other headaches of Vista.

Will gamers eventually come to love Vista? Maybe it will take a truly killer game to finally get folks to upgrade. Of course, everyone thought that Crysis was going to be that title, so we’ll have to wait and see.

courtesy of Yahoo! Tech News

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