My first Journey as a New AFYOP Facilitator

After the long waiting, the door of opportunity has finally opened for me last Sunday, May 11, 2008. That was the assigned date for my training workshop as new facilitator of the Ateneo First Year Orientation Program (AFYOP). Together with my twenty seven (27) co-trainees, Sir Rikki Enriquez (AdDU OSA Director and AFYOP moderator) headed us in our journey of becoming the next First Year Facilitators.

Becoming a member of this BIG FAMILY has been my dream ever since I was still in my first year. The first time I saw these people (AFYOP facilitators), I was really head-struck by their magis and passion for duty. This astonishment of mine was further heightened when I discovered that all of them were promising honored students of the university selected by the OSA Director himself. That same moment, I said to myself that I want to be one of them – to become an AFYOP facilitator someday. This passion of mine served as my inspiration and guiding force to study hard and excel in my studies. Although I failed in my first attempt (during my first year), I was still hopeful and never gave up. My gratefulness cannot be measured when I finally received a notification letter from the Office of Student Affairs last February, inviting me to join the group. I consider this as an advance and greatest birthday gift I’ve ever received since I’ve been in college.

The whole-day seminar was really fun, I should say. The seminar officially started at around 8:30 am – 30 minutes late from the expected time since people are still attending masses. Sir Rikki opened the seminar with a prayer then followed by an ice-breaker game – the HUMAN BINGO. Playing that game reminds me of my first year orientation days way back two years ago. The game was immediately followed by a song entitled “Seasons of Love”– a nice song that we will be teaching to the incoming first year students. After that, Sir Rikki proceeded on the workshop proper on what is a facilitator, its roles, as well as the competencies of an effective facilitator. During that lecture, I learned a lot of insights about becoming an effective facilitator. The AFYOP moderator also taught us on certain things that we should do and should not do during the orientation days. The morning session ended with a free “jam-packed” lunch. That was the time that I proved for myself that indeed “walang magugutom kay Sir Rikki”. 

In the afternoon, we started at around 1:00 pm. We sang another song again entiled “It’s Jubilee” – a song by Jenny Belle Penano who also won in the 2008 Awitenista. The song was nice because the lyrics reflect the vision, mission, and goals of the university. According to Sir Rikki, the song was intentionally composed as a tribute to the 60th anniversary (Jubilee year) of Ateneo de Davao University. After the singing, we then proceed to another lecture session. The workshop ended at around 4:00 pm.

By the end of the day, aside from gaining helpful insights from Sir Rikki, I also met new friends. I was also very happy ‘coz Sir Rikki has already started calling me as “JEFF” and then “FC na kami”. :) That day was really a memorable one for me because its the first day of my journey as a new AFYOP facilitator.

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3 Responses to My first Journey as a New AFYOP Facilitator

  1. mygreenboi May 13, 2008 at 10:25 AM #

    i was an afyop volunteer too. it was a very good experience. another cool org that you should also join is the regcom, a group volunteers during the freshmen enrollment. i was once their chairperson. you should take my word. i had a blast running that group.

  2. Jeffrey Diana May 13, 2008 at 11:21 AM #

    rili? so atenista ka rin? wow nman.. graduate ka na? wat course? :D

  3. Prily May 13, 2008 at 5:20 PM #

    nice work,my friend!!!!more power for being the facilitator!

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