JSP and Server-Side Scripting

The first time our teacher told us about server-side scripting, I voiced to myself: “Unsa na??” (What is that?). As an IT student, I feel ashamed because I really don’t have any idea about it. Later on, after several weeks of lectures, I finally understood what is server-side scripting and how to implement it using JSP (Java Server Pages).

As what I’ve learned, server-side scripting can be best described as running a script (that the user requested) directly on the web server to generate dynamic HTML pages. Its primary advantage is its ability to highly customize the response based on the user’s requirements, access rights, or queries into data stores. Together with JSP, implementing this web server technology became faster and easier to understand. Equipped with sifficient knowledge about Java, JSP became easier for me to understand since it also uses Java as its primary language. JSP utilizes servlets (Java programms running on demand on servers) to create a dynamic scripting language where variable content, often retrieved from a database, can be imbedded within HTML. Although I didn’t dwell much on JSP codes in our group project (‘coz I was assigned on designs and HTML coding), I must say that learning JSP is really fun!

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