How to put "Related Post" Widget in Blogger

For most members, we believe that putting a “Related post“ section on your blogger account is impossible since the site doesn’t have any pre-made widget for it – hence, creating and putting a “related post” widget in your post/blog article is really a great blogger tricks! Some bloggers think that only WordPress users can have that widget but today, users can now also have it pasted on their own respective blogs. Related article displayed in blogger account is based on label putted by you while blogging, meaning, it works on label basis.

Steps To Add Related Blog in your Blogger Webpage:

1. Login into your blogger account. Usually you will bring to Dashboard after login.
2. Choose your blog and click “Layout”
3. Click “Edit Html” subtab og the “Template” tab
4. Before adding “Related post“feature, please backup you template by clicking Download Full Template and save your template. You can use it if you get error when make modification of your template.(optional)
5. Check “Expand Widgets” checkbox at at the top of the Edit Template text box. This expands the Blog Posts Widget Code within which is the comments code.
6. Scroll down the template and find below code in template

7. Copy and Paste The “Related post code”Just After above code

Click Here To Get “Related post Code” (In .txt file)

8.Check below image to check where to embed related post code in Blogger html

9. Click Save Changes And You Are Done :)

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