A One of a Kind TV Commercial

As to a person who everyday watches TV, I can’t help but also notice different advertisements and commercials inserted in between my favorite television shows. For most of these commercials, I branded them as ordinary and unpersuasive ones but there is this one commercial that significantly changed my biases toward our locally-made advertisements. Among all TV commercials that I’ve seen in my entire life, I definitely consider this as one of my topic pics for the most outstanding commercial here in the Philippines. Because of its unique concept and scary scenario, none of its viewers wouldn’t be enticed to watch it.

So, do you now have an idea as to what TV commercial am I referring at? If none, then its none other that the NESTLE CREAM COMMERCIAL for 2008! I considered it as a superb one because of the convincing effect it gives to its viewers. It’s also my first time to see a commercial who uses a scary theme – a new twist in the advertising industry. I also want to commend the director and the staffs who conceptualized the advertisement because of its creativity, uniqueness, and one of a kind cinematography.

One thing that I’ve also notice in the ad was the concrete depiction of our cultural beliefs and mysticisms. As Filipinos, we have the tradition of visiting the graves of our deceased family members and offering them food. Most Filipinos also believe in ghosts so by the time the main character (after arriving at home) discovered that the fruit salad that she left in the cemetery was now in the dinning table, viewers also experiences the same horrific feeling of the character. Apart from being convinced to use the endorsed product, in this commercial, I realized the importance of giving respect and care for the late ones by sparing some of our time, no matter how busy we are, visiting them. :)

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  1. Anino May 12, 2008 at 9:01 AM #

    Dapat man lang personal na isinoli nung bangkay yung graham cake.

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