The first time I fell in LOVE!

Yeah! That’s right. I really did fell in love for the first time! I fell in love to such a very beautiful and very touching Korean drama entitled LOVERS. Did you know that this was the first drama series that really made me cry at 2:30 am? Later that day when I woke up, I laughed myself for crying so hard just because of that. I ask myself: “How can such a person who has never been in love to someone cried so much because of a love story”? Haha.. funny right? You might think of me as being so emotional or just exaggerating it but it’s true. It made me think that there’s really something unique about this Korean drama that really made me burst in to tears.

At first, just like any man meeting a woman for the first time, I thought that this will just be like any other ordinary Korean dramas that I’ve seen before. By the time I saw it being advertised in the television, I immediately presumed that it’s boring since the characters are not that good-looking. In the end, it did turn out that I was a victim of the saying: “Don’t judge to book by its cover”. I misjudged it just because of its physicality. Later, after seeing the totality of it, I was inspired by the characters that behind those ordinary faces are representations of reality. Ha Kang Jae and Yoon Mi Joo (the Lovers) is an illustration of a lot of couples today who also face struggles and hardships, just like they did, to find true love. It’s a very good drama series and if were to rate it, I would definitely give the highest rate that anyone can give.

In this Korean drama series, I realized that love, even though how much you deny it to yourself and hide it from other’s eyes, will find its way to flaunt itself and achieve a higher purpose. Not being destined to someone is not an excuse for not loving a person whom you actually love. No one in this world can tell about his/her destiny for only God knows who are destined for us. To love is not only to experience the beautiful side of it but also the bad side as well. Loving also means sacrificing and letting go of our own selfishness. Love is something that we should share to others especially to those who feel of not having any at all. In the end, if all people can just fully experience this kind of love, who knows what a beautiful world awaits us in the future?

To finally end this, I highly recommend you to watch LOVERS. You’ll surely get a lot of realizations in life! Swear! If you do decided to watch it, please, go beyond what you see and hear from the characters. Try to reflect the relevance their personalities, actions, gestures, and use of words. That’s the only way that you’ll get to appreciate the value of the story.

Note: Everything mentioned above are definitely not scripted or just a result of “copy-paste” method from the internet. All of those are sentiments and realizations from my heart. Feel lang jud nko isulat akong na-feel about the series. BTW, Thanks for reading!! 

Links here:

Watch the complete series here: Lovers – Korean Drama Series
Download the Lovers OST here: Lovers Official Soundtrack (Full)
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Lovers Official SBS website: Lovers Official Website

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3 Responses to The first time I fell in LOVE!

  1. Kristine April 22, 2008 at 10:45 PM #

    well, im watching LOVERS at abs-cBN…it will take me 48 years if i will try and watch it using my net connection here at home(haha) and from what i’ve read, it makes me more excited to watch it till the end.. As of now, I really enjoy watching it cause I really can relate (char!)….

  2. lloydbelleza April 27, 2008 at 12:17 AM #

    gwapo jud ang lovers? i missed some of its episodes already. hmmm.. if by chance i cant really give time to watch it in ABS-CBN, please let me borrow ur DVD copy of it. ThanKs..

  3. Arashi Hukoro May 8, 2008 at 9:38 PM #

    la pako katanaw LOVERS, hehehe, well la lang pud koy maingon any way nice post hehehehe

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