One Big Movie Review: My Big Love

My Big Love, unlike any other ordinary Filipino produced films, is a very sweet, natural, funny, and romantic film that tackles the love that doesn’t mind a person’s physicality. Watching this movie will never be dull moment for it makes you feel that love is really on the air. Although the film is not that revelatory and uses the very basic formula that the studios have been using for the past few years, the film, however, doesn’t use that technique into a crutch. Generally well-written, technically proficient, and finely acted, My Big Love is a film that we should not miss.

The story revolves mainly on Macky (Sam Milby), an obese chef, who has fallen in love to the woman of his dreams – Nina (Kristine Hermosa). They’ve been chatting online for months already but never did they met in person. When they finally go out on a date to personally meet each other, the girl was turned off by Macky’s physique. Aira (Toni Gonzaga), Nina’s friend and personal gym instrutor/trainer, quickly noticed Macky and invited him to avail her program on how to lose weight. As the two engaged in the program, Aira and Macky formed a close bond which also lead them to have mutual understanding to each other. In the peak of their happy moments together, Aira has to leave for Japan to earn money and the two were torn apart. Few years later, Macky tremendously lose weight and is now happily dating Nina. When Aira and Macky met again, the latter is forced to make the difficult choice between the woman of his dreams and the woman who loved him despite his imperfections.

Although the film only poses a few surprises, the story is still very good. The script is well written, letting characters show off a full range of growth and development. As with most films of this genre, the resolution comes pretty quickly, but this film manages to let some of the characters earn their development. There are a couple of weird sequences here and there, but overall, this script holds together because it mostly keeps things simple, sticking to the very simple truths that everyone can relate to. The prosthetics in the film is also remarkable because you’ll never notice difference between the user’s skin tone and those of the prosthetic’s. The transformation of Sam Milby, which looked like a natural one, is pretty convincing in the eyes of its audience.

On the actor’s and actress’ side, Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga is a bang. Sam’s acting is pretty good in this film. Though his dialogue is often muffled by his accent, he knows how to get the emotion through. Toni Gonzaga has always been somewhat of a joy to watch. She goes pretty broad in this role, but it’s in the silent moments that she really reveals her talents. Together, their chemistry is palpable. The supporting cast all do a pretty good job of filling in everything in between.

In conclusion, My Big Love is a masterpiece of cinema. This is a film that never forgers, in all its indulgences, the very basic rules of filmmaking, and that’s really what sets it apart. If you really want to see true love, a love that accepts the totality of a person, then MY BIG LOVE is my answer for you!

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