Function and Importance of RSS Feeds

For the longest time I’ve been surfing the internet, I must say that I’m already a bit familiar about its nature and mechanics. For almost the whole day, I engage myself on services offered by the Internet such as blogging, researching, and chatting. I thought I already knew everything but, as I open some web pages and blog sites, I noticed something common in them that catches my attention – an orange button that appears to be a radio or some sort of waves on it. That icon heightened my curiosity that’s why I decided to do some research on it and share it here with you.

The orange button displayed on most websites is commonly known as the RSS Feeds Button. RSS is an acronym which stands for Really Simple Syndication. So what exactly do these buttons do and how important are they in the process of handling out information?

These little orange buttons enable RSS feeds from various sites around the Internet to practically hand deliver new or updated content from a variety of sources straight to you. Unlike the traditional way of checking manually some updates in each websites, which is a bit hassle and time consuming, RSS feeds, however, uses the opposite of it. Essentially, RSS feeds send you updates whenever your favorite websites, blogs, news, personal pages, and the like, update. Instead of doing it manually, using RSS Feeds will automate the work and leaving you carefree.

It should also be noted that before a person obtains an RSS feed, he or she must have an RSS reader first. RSS allows subscribers to receive new and updated content notifications, which are either offered as summaries or full versions of material from respective websites. Such feeds can be read through what is called an ‘aggregator’ reader. Some of the commonly preferred RSS readers are those of the Yahoo’s, Google’s GoogleReader, Bloglines, and Newsgator.

The video clip below thoroughly explained everything about RSS Feeds:

You can subscribe to RSS Feeds here in my blog. The orange rss feed button can be found in the upper part of this blog just below its banner. Thank you for reading.

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