A Glimpse to Vector Art

Today, a new form of art has emerged in its popularity not only here in the Philippines but also throughout the globe. Here in our country, you might be familiar about the new commercial of Sunsilk featuring Marriane Rivera, Maja Salvador, and Nikki Gil. Might as well, you might have also seen the recent TV Show of KC Conception entitled “I am KC”. These two mediums uses this new form of art called “Vector Art”.

Vector Art or Vector Graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images in computer graphics. To make it simple, it’s just like tracing the basic shapes of an object and apply colors on them, ofcourse, using a computer software.

The first time I saw a vector graphic, I was immediately fascinated into it because of its animated look. At that moment, I was very curious on how its done. With the help of Shem, my artistic classmate and patient mentor, I was able to make my very first vector graphic. Learning the basic skills of vector art making was quite easy but harnessing that skill to make a more realistic output was definitely difficult. Aside from the basic skills, patience and dedication to your work are just two attitudes that you should develop to successfully make a vector graphic.

Below are some of my works:

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